Cross Cultural Understanding Task (Journal Article Critique 10)

Citation: Samadikhah, M., & Shahrokhi, M. (2015). A critical discourse analysis of ELT materials in gender representation: A Comparison of summit and top notch. Canadian Center of Science and Education, 8(1), 121-133.

This journal entitled “A Critical Discourse Analysis of ELT Materials in Gender Representation: A Comparison of Summit and Top Notch” is about gender analysis by using critical discourse analysis (CDA) in the textbooks published by Summit and Top Notch, those textbooks are used as ELT materials in Iran school. According to this journal, the researchers are focused on the conversation specifically on the pictorial or illustration that represents the conversation. There are 5 scenes that have to be focused in this article journal; the aspects of male and female characters; aspects of female and male characters; female and male pictorial representation; female and male titles; activities and the firstness of male and female characters in the mixed dialogue. Toms (2004) states in this article that textbook is the most suitable tools and materials for teaching learning process, by using textbook the student are able to achieve the goal of teaching learning process. For the teacher, a textbook is a material that contains the basic knowledge of the subject and the skill that will be taught in the school. For the learners, a textbook is a source to be able to contact with the other language besides the input from the teachers.

This journal using and adopt three-dimensional aspects of Fairclough’s theory in order to analyze the gender representation in conversation as well the pictorial representation. This journal focuses on the frequency of gender representation and using chi-square technique in order to find out the frequency of the difference of gender representation.

The textbook is important media to transform value, culture, and norm. Besides as the teacher and family, we have to consider and aware with what kind of textbooks that suitable for our children. This is because we want to make them have a good perception of their own self; sometimes media can change the perception of students toward negative orientation. Therefore in my future classroom, I hope that I will be able to choose my own learning materials that suitable for my students and not only obey the government law to use some textbooks without considering the good quality of textbooks. Besides there are no textbooks are perfect, as a future teacher or future, parents we should be able to clarify and help them in searching the student’s right path of a learning process.



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