Cross Cultural Understanding Task (Journal Article Critique 9)


Scott Tharp, D. (2015). Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Understand Student Resistant to Diversity, Caddo Gap Press, 23 (1), 2-8.

The journal entitled “ Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Understand Student Resistant to Diversity” is talked about an effort to make people aware and conscious about the importance of understanding diversity and social justice especially the target of this is the student of the university. Therefore the researcher used action research as the methodology besides critical discourse analysis to analyze some point which related to the construction of diversity. However, the critical discourse analysis in this article does not as a methodology but is used as the student resistant toward the diversity. The student analyzes the diversity by using CDA to analyze the social justice and diversity around them, especially which happened toward their own self. Moreover, by using critical discourse analysis the researcher know the perception of students toward diversity and social justice.

Actually, this journal clearly delivers the importance to aware with the diversity and social justice, this journal also tells about the obstacle of conducting this research. But, I think it will very good if the researcher to make other research about this topic for another level of students deals with how to construct the student’s awareness toward social justice and diversity before they getting older. Moreover, that is a little bit difficult to change the student’s perception after they are getting older.

I hope in my future classroom, I will be able to stimulus and help my future students to aware with the importance of diversity and social justice. Therefore they will be able to make a friend with everyone and do not differentiate between one friend and others based on different personal appearance or ethnicity.


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