Classroom Action Research Task (Journal Article critique 9)


Kara, Aydos, and Aydin (2015). Changing Preschool Children’s Attitude into Behavior towards Environmental Issues : An Action Research Study, International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology, 3 (1), 46-63.

This journal entitled “Changing Preschool Children’s Attitude into Behavior towards Environmental Issues: An Action Research Study” is an action research method and qualitative design used for analyzing the data of this research. Some steps are used for this action research, those are determining the existing problem, finding a solution, implementation of a solution, evaluation, implementation of action to change action, and implementation stages in a light evaluation.

The participant of this study is preschool students 60-72 months, seven boys and seven girls. The data collection is using interview and then students express their feeling based on the question. The question deals with the environmental issues, then student’s teacher making the observation data during the interview.

In conclusion, the majority of children answer in ecocentric, but some answer in an anthropocentric way deals with the environmental issues. Therefore some treatment that conducted for this research is students are given some new ways or method to make them aware of the environment issues, then it works the students has different response or understanding toward environmental issues.

Sometimes parents help the students is difficult to understand the abstract things so that parents and teacher help them to understand some point or knowledge by giving them explanation through the anthropocentric way. Therefore when the students are getting older they still remember what their teacher or parents told before when they still a child, that’s we called as an anthropocentric view of students.

I think the way of students in make the students aware of things by using anthropocentric is okay but is better for the teacher and parents to help them change their perception before they getting old. Actually, this journal is suitable for my future classroom, make the students open their mind about some things, therefore they will be students with high critical thinking and creativity.


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