Classroom Action Research Task (Journal Article critique 8)

Combariza, Chapeton, & Rincon (2013). Social Values Reflections Through the Use of EFL Storytelling: An Action Research with Primary Students, HOW, 20 (1), 78-89.

This journal entitled “Social Values Reflections Through the Use of EFL Storytelling: An Action Research with Primary Students is an action research project which a subject is a group of third graders at a public school in Bogotá.
This research has the aim to contribute to the awareness of the students’ behaviors by helping the students to be critical of their role as students and citizens in school and the family community. So that the families role play an integral role in order to build students basis on social development. Schools is an institutional great influence in children’s understanding of the world, helps the students grow intellectually, students should have been a citizen who interacts in the world with kindness, respect, integrity, and also in moral behavior.
The research question of this journal is “What characterizes third graders’ reflections upon their own social values in an EFL storytelling classroom?” The instruments for this research is preliminary group unstructured interviews, questionnaires, and semi-structured interviews. This instrument helps the researcher to compared and found similarities among the data or instrument. The instruments were applied every week for four months; these instruments were used taking into account the different settings in which students construct their values (school and home). Written questionnaires instrument reflect the students’ opinions upon social issues values. Then semi-structured individual interviews were used in order to understand students’ individual perspectives about the moral issues presented in the stories.
So that, what will I do in my future classroom? Actually, the previous journal that I reviewed has a purpose to enhance student’s awareness of positive behavior and social values. It’s really doable if implemented in the classroom, and this action research is possible to be implemented in my future classroom. It just needs an adaptation and new method to make this journal can be implemented in my future classroom.


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