Cross Cultural Understanding Task (Journal Article Critique 6)

Citation: Moncrada Linares, S. (2016). Othering: A Path for Critical Cultural Awareness in the Language Classroom. HOW, 23 (1), 129-146.

Actually the journal entitled Othering: A Path for Critical Cultural Awareness in the Language Classroom gives me new perspective related to the importance of cultural awareness in language classroom. Pedagogical should promote the cultural awareness, especially in language classroom, because in language classroom the students are not only learned about language itself but they should know the fundamental things of language, we know that as culture. One of mainstream in education is helping the citizen to live together in society which consisted of varieties background, race, ethnic, and etc. So that its really important to teach the students about critical cultural understanding. 

But sometimes I just wonder about, why do theres still people that do not consider with cultural understanding? Sometimes their ethnocentrism and their principle change to be the boundaries of make some people aware with cultural awareness. You know its difficult to change the skeptical condition of people; especially that person is your family or your teacher. Skeptical in here related with their rejection of someone toward cultural awareness.  I am sure that I really respect with the principle of their life, but they do not consider with what exactly other people (especially me) think about. 

Move to another topic, this journal is suitable if implemented in my classroom, I want make my student aware with own culture and also consider others. Because diversity made life unique and diversity teach us to consider each other.

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