Classroom Action Research Task (Journal Article critique 6)


Chou Ming, W. (2015). Action Research on Introducing Gender Equality into Fourth Graders Visual Art Education, The International Journal of arts and Education, 23 (1), 131-162.
I want to say that I am so happy now, I am back again to read journal which relates to gender topic. I dont know why I am felt so desperate yesterday, maybe because I have to move to other topic which does not relate to something that I like. Gender and relation with education make me feel comfort and I feel that I am back to my passion. Lately I feel like empty, I mean that I do not have any intention in read a journal which related to skill or something like that. I dont have intention not because I hate that topic, but I dont have any intention. Okay, move to the real topic, today I will tell about the journal entitled “Action Research on Introducing Gender Equality into Fourth Graders Visual Art Education, this journal tells about the importance of teaching gender awareness toward the students. Sometimes, the wrong perception toward gender started from family, their environment. So that, one if possible way to change that wrong perception is by the helps of the teacher. Gender stereotypes sometimes can bring negative impact such as wrong perception toward their own self. The assumption that shows if theres gender discrimination is this boys students tend to be more aggressive and strong, and then girls students tend to be gentle and beautiful.  Actually each of the student should represented their own capability and ability, do not represented based on sex. This writer of the journals make the student aware with gender by showing what kind of negative impact that they got because of gender bias, but before that teacher tell about the definition which related to gender and the technical-term of gender. 

Am I able to implement this method to teach gender awareness? The answer is possible, but I need to change some method to teach the student, because different students have different way of learning.

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