Cross Cultural Understanding Task (Journal Article Critique 4)

Citation: Shemshadsara, Z, G. (2011). Developing Cultural Awareness in Foreign Language Teaching. Department of English, English Language Teaching, 5 (3), 95-99. 

The journal entitled Developing Cultural Awareness in Foreign Language Teaching is about how to develop the student awareness toward owns culture and others culture related with the foreign language teaching. According to this journal, cultural awareness consist of awareness of own culture, awareness of others culture, and also have ability to explain own cultural standpoint. According to Galloway (1984) there are some kind of framework that can build cultural understanding based on factual and sociolinguistics context;

  • Convention: Help the student to understand how people of some culture behave in some situation.
  • Connotation: Many cultural meaning that associated with the word
  • Conditioning: people act in manner consistent with their cultural frame
  • Comprehension: cultural understanding which related with analysis, hypothesis, and tolerance of ambiguity

Because the title of this journal is developing cultural awareness in foreign language teaching, the researcher focused on how to make the student aware with the target language cultures. Even actually the purposes of this research to develop the awareness toward target language, it does not mean the teacher only focused to developing the cultural awareness toward target language, but they always bring up their own cultural identity.

Is it possible to implement this journal into my future classroom?

 I cannot answer this question now; because actually I am prefer to make my student understand more Indonesian culture rather than foreign culture. I do not know whether my answer will change someday, but actually thats good to make the students aware with others culture, but so far in In Indonesia the awareness toward own culture still low. I am little bit fear if the student should learn other culture without have base understanding toward their own culture, they will be got wrong perception, so that they will be behave like foreign culture without adapting it toward their own culture.

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