Classroom Action Research Task (Journal Article critique 4)

Citation: Widiana & Jampel. (2016). Improving Students Creative Thinking and Achievement through The Implementation of Multiple Intelligence Approach with Mind Mapping, International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education (IJERE), 5 (3), 246-254.

The journal entitled Improving Students Creative Thinking and Achievement through The Implementation of Multiple Intelligence Approach with Mind Mapping conducted study by using classroom action research which the data collection analyzes descriptively and quantitatively. There are two cycle, which each cycle consist four phases; planning, action, observation or evaluation and reflection. The first cycle used for the basis improvement so that the second cycle as the implementation of the improvement. The data which analyze by the researcher is data related with critical thinking, learning achievement, and the students responses. The criterion if the treatment succeeded is the students minimal score included into high category. 

Actually this journal is focused to the improvement science study and improving the creative thinking of the student. The researcher stated that the index of Indonesian rank or index related with the development of education is in the lowest rank, especially in the rank of reading and science. The reason why Indonesian education development not good enough is caused by a lot of reason, one of effort that government can do to solve this problem is changing the education system and improving the quality of teacher. 

Okay, then we move to the main topic, the way of the researcher to solve the problematic situation which faced by the students. Students got learning difficulties shown from the response toward materials; they do not interested with learning and study because they think the material is not interesting enough. So that one way that we can use to change the perception of the children based on this journal is using critical thinking in order to make the student interesting enough toward the material, stimulate the student creative thinking so that the student understanding and concept will make the student learning achievement improve significantly, this statement supported by the research data which shows positive attitude.

What about my future classroom?

I think this teaching method can improve my future classroom, especially improving the reading skill of my student. Maybe after my student read some passage, they can make some kind of mind mapping in order to make them more understand with the passage and improving their critical thinking. 

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