Cross Cultural Understanding Task (Journal Article Critique 3)

Citation: Makarova E, A. (2014). Culturally- Based and Culturally- Biased Aspects of Knowing the Other. Journal of Educational Research and Practice, 2 (2), 181-187.

Every day always hectic day, I need a HOLIDAY please… ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น

Okay then move to the real matter that we should discuss today, in this opportunity I will review journal entitled Culturally- Based and Culturally- Biased Aspects of Knowing the Other written by Ellena A Makarova. This journal tells about the importance of global learner to know and aware of their own culture so that they are able to adapt that culture even they are meeting with the other new culture. But sometimes, the situations of (too much love) knowing our own culture (knowledge) can build ethnocentrism, this situation also caused serious problem such as war, conflict, and etc. So that, some features that we can do to make the global learner aware with their own culture and others culture are developing their cultural awareness through improving their linguistic and cultural background knowledge, then the teachers should teach about culture in general and in specific way, and make them understand cultural knowledge which consist of six major cultural differences. 

Language teachers have a high responsibility to teach cultural awareness, because they are not only taught the student to have good communication competence but also make them aware with their own culture. In my future classroom I really want to be one of teacher which can make the student aware with their own country, love their own country, so that in the future of students they will care with the improvement in every aspect of their nation. 


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