My small reflection…

In my age now… , I don’t know what kind of things or improvement that have been achieved by me. I think I am still lack in English,  especially in writing,  there are a lot of grammatical error,  bad choice of word,  not coherence each of sentence or paragraph, too complicated & not to the point and etc.  I am still bad in English and now I am still on the process of improving my English ability,  maybe because English is as foreign language in my country, and I started learn English when I was 8 years (maybe thats long enough to learn language, but there’s no improvement in my language ability) ,  and also there’s no one in my family who could help me to improve my English, coz my father’s and mother’s mother toungue is Javanese language . Actually when I am still senior high school, my sister always help me to improve my English,  but now she lives and have a job in Jakarta,  and me still stay in solo, jkt-solo (10 hours). 

I don’t know why I can accepted in English majority though I am not good at English, actually I really want to accept at accounting majority,  but the devine wants me to come to this majority.  

Okay,  maybe that’s still small introduction of my short story, but one of good things of my life which is I want to underline here is… “life is too short for us to  repentance”. So that always smile and fighting!!!! 


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