Cross Cultural Understanding Task (Journal Article Critique 2)

Citation: Baltes, Hernandez, & Collins. (2015). Increasing Cultural Awareness Through a Cultural Awareness Program. Journal of Educational Research and Practice, 5 (1), 1-20.

Do not pay attention toward culture or we also know it as do not pay attention toward cultural awareness have many impact toward the society. The unstable atmosphere in society sometimes can cause some trouble, such as conflict, rapist, juvenile violation, and etc. This kind of situation gives traumatic toward the children; so that when they getting older the children will get physical traumatic and they will do something bad (that makes them trauma) toward other people. 

The previous explanation in introduction really related with the journal entitled Increasing Cultural Awareness through a Cultural Awareness Program. The research problems of this journal are really closed to the problem that I delivered before. There is racial tension which can motivate strife and violence. So that this journal use CAC (Cultural Awareness Consortium) solution to solve and making positive impact toward the group of diverse student to increase the awareness of multicultural relation. The student from many region are selected are put in sane area or class, they sit together, work collaboratively on projects and engage each other on the reflective learning. After they CAC program 4 months, the student shows positive response. The student to be more close because they share their history, customs, native language, so that they learn about other and better understand toward their friends so that CAC makes the students closer to each other. CAC method really help the student to have good relation with their friends, although they are different cultural aground. This positive result shows this kind of way could help to solve the social problem which is related with cultural awareness.

 I think CAC method able to solve the cultural awareness problem, but I am little bit not sure if this kind of solution is able to be implemented by me. This method need many side to take a part, then the ability of teacher to get permission from the students parents maybe little bit challenging, not all of parents easily give student permission even only 2 hours. If this kind of activities only held once a month it possibly to be held, but we will not get the significant impact. So that, I think this journal cannot be implemented in my future classroom. 


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