Classroom Action Research Task (Journal Article critique 2)

Citation: Mariani, N. (2015). Developing Students’ Intelligent Character through Linguistics Politensess: The Case of English as a Foreign Language for Indonesian Students, Candian Center of Science and Education, 9 (1), 101-121.

Good character of student is the most important things beside knowledge. In school teachers are not only teach about knowledge but also build up the student characters. Although characters building also we got from our family, the role of teacher or school to develop student intelligent characters is also important for children. So that in this opportunity my journal is related with the importance of characters building, this journal entitled Developing Students Intelligent Character through Linguistics Politeness: The Case of English as a Foreign Language for Indonesian Students. This research used descriptive qualitative approach by using classroom action research model. The main purpose of this research is investigated the teacher and student utterance during the teaching learning process. 

In abstract the researcher fully explained the detail reasons why she conducted this research. In Indonesia, English is one of foreign language that should be taught in every school, but theres some limitation in practice. Majority of student are able to speak English but not politely, this problem happened because student do not have proper ability to use polite utterance. Students still lack of polite vocabulary, so that when the student speak with their teacher or their friends they use impolite vocabulary. In this point, impolite does not mean they speak with harass, slang, or bad word. According to Indonesian education regulation, the function of national education is to develop capacity, character, and dignified society through enhancing intellectual capacity. So that the researcher hopes that schools are able to help the student to develop the student characters including politeness and intellectual characters, able to communicate with the teacher with polite principle, and respect the older people.
This research is one of challenging topic, because learning English is also challenging, and national education wants the education always contained character building. Sometimes, I am also have difficulties in speaking with polite utterance, sometimes I think if what I try to convey is too complicated and little bit awkward if I used polite utterance. But still, I hope in my future classroom I able to make my student able to deliver what they mean politely, and also to be teacher who not only improve student intellectual but also the good characters of my students.


2 thoughts on “Classroom Action Research Task (Journal Article critique 2)

  1. I like your writing since it is clear and organized well, what kind of content that I’m going to read, what is the matter, you summarize it well. I also enjoy reading it, the topic your bring is interesting and i am agree with you that this matter cannot be neglected and need serious attention from various parties. however, there is a little question in my head related to the “impoliteness” you explained, if you said that it is not about harass, slang, or bad word, then what is it about? is it related to the appropriateness, like formal and non-formal?


    1. thanks for passing by to my blog Tiqa, what actually I want to say about impolite in here is when a student speaks without using polite language, maybe like when they ask their friends to borrow a pen, students would like to say “lend me your pen” rather than “would you mind to lend me your pen”, so that the role of teacher to help the student characters is really a must. I hope I will be better in my next writing, thankyou


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