Cross Cultural Understanding Task (Journal Article Critique 1)

Citation: Brown, C.M & White, M. (2014). Connecting Community and Culture. Canadian Center of Science and Education, 3 (1), 134-139.

“Teachers don’t need to come from their students’ culture to be able to teach them, but empathy and cultural knowledge are essential.  Jensen (2009)”

Thats one of quote that I found in the summary of journal entitled “Connecting Community and Culture”, that quote is short but has a deep meaning on it.  Okay next, again in this opportunity I will make journal article critique of one of journal which is related with culture. 

The journal article entitled “Connecting Community and Culture” is kind of field based research.  This research subject is sophomore-level teacher candidate at four-year, the focus aspect is environment which consists of the community, classroom, and teacher. 

This journal delivered some aspect and reason of the importance of community connection and culture for teacher candidates in this 21st era.  The teacher candidate needs to aware and understand the culture and others contextual factors that lives and around students lives.  Make a good atmosphere, safe, and also culturally responsive to make all of student feel comfort in class. Then the problem which is delivered in this journal is the majority of student is urban students, so that the teacher should able to solve the crucial problem of issues of race & diversity of different background of student, and  make a good or responsive classroom toward all student,  in this research the researcher use TWS (Teacher Work Sample) as one of assessment of teacher trainers or self-reflection that include the step to address students who lack mastery of material by considering the community connection and culture.  The elements that included in the “TWS” are contextual factors,  learning goals,  assessment plan,  design for instruction,  instructional decision making,  analysis of student learning, and evaluation & reflection. Then the candidate of teacher make an implication essay and containing their understanding of social context of urban students combined with learning community. And the fact, this study shows that the effective learning community and culture can help the students has a successful classroom, the student more enjoy of class because the different atmosphere in class, so that they feel comfort and the goal of education can be achieved by the students and teacher. 

This journal is worth to read because this journal relates the importance of culture and classroom, this journal also helps every candidates of teacher to not only aware with the material but also the environment of the student, so that the goal of teaching learning process can be achieve. I hope in my future classroom I can implemented this kind of method and also this way to make my student feel happy and comfort in classroom because there is nothing wrong about being different race, social status, religion or else, basically we just has different physical appearance but about the heart we are all same because that heart and everything are same, given by god for us. 


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