Classroom Action Research Task (Journal Article critique 1)

Citation: Dirgayasa, I.Wy. (2017). The Effort to Increase the students Achievement in Poetry Mastery through Semiotic Method. Australian International, Academic Centre, 8 (1), 104-110.
In my opinion, poetry is one of challenging subject in university beside the other literary subjects. Sometimes the amateur one likes me needs a long time to understand what exactly the writer wants to inform through that poetry. It seems I need a full and total comprehension when I read poetry. So that, in this opportunity I will summarize, synthesizing, giving opinion, and also write about how to implemented this journal topic in my future classroom. The journal that I choose today is entitled The Effort to Increase the students Achievement in Poetry Mastery through Semiotic Method.  The journal research methodology is using classroom action research. The subject of the journal is fifth grade semester of university student, then the object is William Carlos poetry entitled Spring and All. The data collected by test to know the student achievement then using a questionnaire to know student perception of the semiotic method. There are two cycle when collecting data, first cycle consist of pretest, teaching and learning process, and posttest. Then the second cycle consists of teaching leaning process and posttest. 

This journal tells the reason why is it important to study poetry, when the student are able to know the meaning of the poetry, automatically the student will also able to understand others literary works such as short story, drama, prose, and etc. Studying prose is the basic competence to understand other literary works, because if we understand the meaning of prose, it means that we have competence and good understanding toward literature. But in the reality, there still many student who still do not able to understand how to understand and interpret prose. So that in this journal the researcher tells that the best method that can help the student in understanding prose is by using semiotic method.  According to Rifattre (1978) Semiotic method is one of teaching method that is suitable for teaching poetry, because this method more systematic and procedural teaching to find the meaning of poetry by using comprehensive way. There are four step in understanding and grasping the meaning of the poetry, first is by heuristic reading, it means that this step is understanding poetry by the structure of itself, refer to rules and more conventional. Second is retroactive, this step is find the meaning of poetry by finding the meaning contextually. Third is by key matrix, in this step we try to find the real meaning by the lexical meaning. Last is reading the theme in this step we have to find the theme of the poetry to understand what exactly the poetry about. By using semiotic method the student achievement in poetry mastery is getting better, this method can help and facilitate the student to understand the meaning or sense of poetry. This method helps the student gain the critical analysis of the student step by step, so that the student do not have difficulties in understanding the meaning of the poetry. 

I hope in my future classroom I can implement the semiotic method to teach poetry or another literary subject, because since past until future, literature is one of kind of fantastic subject that should be learn by student. The journey of life, the moral value, and the every good aspect of past life are majority represented in the prose and other literary subject.

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