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​The roles of teacher to make student aware with fascism: The possibility of the awakened of the fascism​

I really do not understand what exactly this essay about, because honestly I do not really know about this topic although I ever read some books relate with fascism. I am still lack of understanding relate with this topic but I will try to convey all of my ideas and opinion into this essay writing. When I was 13 or 14 years old my sister’s friends Isabelle from Germany come to Indonesia and stay at my parents’ house. Maybe because my sister is curious about World War two so she asks it to Isabelle. But, I really shocked when my sister tells me that Isabelle does not really like to talk that topic. It so true if world war two bring negative condition not only for the other countries but also the Germany itself, so maybe because of that Isabelle do not want to talk about that topic. But, maybe because I am still immature that time, I still wondering why Isabelle does not want to talk about that. Hitler is from Germany, so because of world war two Germany are being famous everywhere (that is my opinion that time). Sometimes I am still laughing if I flashback again into that time, although I am student of Junior High School I still do not know anything about history, I do not know about Fascism ideology, the things that I know about Hitler is only about the cruelness of him and he caused the world war two bombing or attacking in everywhere. I am still short minded that time, but I am sure until now I am still the same person.

If we look at the past, the reason and how fascism grow and develop in some country is because of the oldest ideology that life and rise in Rome, Italy. From Italy fascism ideology spreads into many countries in the world such as France, Germany, Austria, and etc. You know the “Rome paganism culture” that they have to fight and kill each other just to make the audience happy and “Sparta culture” that makes every child in Italia to be the army and then education, music, and literature is something that is not important for them. All of that is one of the characteristics of fascism. So we can conclude that the neo-paganism reform into fascism. 

Fascism shows the stupidity of someone, fascism consists of racism, nationalism, romantic chauvinism, and fantasy. This ideology only spread into people that lack of knowledge and then they will harass anyone that they think as their rival. Fascism is kind of ablution of minded toward everyone that has romantic feeling and irrational romantic toward their country or race. One of the fascism that really highly caused million people die is world war two, it led by Hitler the most Zionist person in the world. Hitler who has fascism ideology thinks that the Germany citizen is the highest race in the world so one way to make Germany as the highest race is by killing another race, religion, and etc. He does not want their citizen blood is combined with other blood and they think that another people except Germany are animal not human being. One of the genocide in the regime of Hitler is Holocaust, and actually he does not only catch Jewish, but also Gypsy, Poland, and other religion. Actually Fascism do not like all of religion, they are really hate with Samawi religion such as Islam, Christ, Jewish, Buddha, Hindu, and etc. Fascist thinks that when someone has a religion they do not want to kill people again because they are easily to commiserate toward the people that they want to kill. You know that Fascism want makes everyone think that themselves (fascism) is someone the higher class. So one way that they do is ethnic cleaning by killing people. Actually fascism nowadays can still be seen in over the world, one of the Hitler imitation is Slobodan Milosevic (I do not know whether he still life or not) but he do ethnicity cleaning toward Muslim this thing make us remember about the Fascism or racist neo-Nazi ideology. 

Others Genocide of fascist in world war two is using human as the specimen. One of them is happened in the Camp Auschwitz, many people should enter the place that full of ice in the winter season just only for know how long people can survive in the cold situation. That is miserably act, how dare they do not have any commiserate toward each other. Fascist also do not like women, they killed every women because women is the obstacle of the man. So if there are women that have girl baby, government will kill that baby and if they have boy baby their baby can stay alive.

After I read the diary of Anne frank and Zlata Filipovic (Although I still did not finished it yet) I am so impressed with what they done and I am fell so sad when they have to live in the war condition, they have to struggle for their life, although Anna Frank die in the camp because of typhus I think her story always motivate everyone. They write everyday story, their impression, their feeling although they are in the war condition. Then the book entitled “Freedom Writers” which is the diary of the teacher and student that has really amazing story, how they struggle on the racist situation and how they could change their perspective toward themselves and others. This book shown that the racist problem can cause negative impact toward student perspective and they will have psychological traumatic toward another people.

I choose the title of my writing “The roles of teacher to make student aware with fascism: The possibility of the awakened of the fascism” is because the reality shows that fascism are awake again in the society, the teacher roles to make student aware with fascism is really important, Why? The example is represented in the movie freedom writers, when student think that race is higher than everything, they only sit in their group. They think that another race is not important in the class so the activity of hurt each other are happened in the class. When racist happened and change into bigger one or we know as “Fascism” it could be make a next war in the world. When someone is drug user, not well educated, from broken home family, do not have self-esteem, they are the one who are possibly to easily contact with this ideology, and they will think if this ideology is the right one and could help their life. The example is Hooligan and Skinhead; they are the group of person that disposed to do violence. Actually the awakened of neo-Nazi shown on the racist accident in South African, dislike other religion, Syria, Rohingnya citizen, white-skin supremacy and etc, is kind of small origin before it change into real fascism. The bullying case because have different background of family or because different physical appearance in school is the starting point of the student before becoming racism.  

So, it is important for the teacher to make the student aware and understand if all of us are same, we are human being. We cannot hurt each other although we are having different physical appearance or background. Education is the most important things that should be concern by everyone, When someone not educated they are has a big potential to get negative ideology. So, we can stop fascism by make them aware and understand about what is fascism. And if the student rashly to do fascism although only on the smallest aspects of life, teacher should find out the reason, they cannot only conclude it and try to solve it in the short time. Remember! The teacher job is not only to find the solution; they also have to find the main reason of the student why the student has that kind of perspective. And actually this job is not only for the teacher but also for the parents. Parent should teach the value of human life, value of respect toward each other, toward human being, and nature. The first education toward respect each other can avoid student to easily insert with racism ideology. When teacher and parents walked together to find solution to make the student always understand and the value of human life, I am sure that the negative ideology will be difficult to influence the student mind. 

We know that it is so easy to destroy a nation, just broke the youth generation, and that nation will be destroyed easily. So, if we want to make our nation far from destruction, government, educator, and parents should work together to make the young generation smart, have a high respect to everyone, highly cultured, and love their country.

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I am sorry if there are still a lot of grammatical error, I hope you enjoy my writing.  Thankyou😊

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