Journal Article 14

Journal Article 14


Alemi, M., & Jafari, H. (2012). Gender and cultural analysis in EFL textbook as measured by personal proper names. Advances in Asian Social Science, 1(2), 237-243.

The journal entitled “Gender and Cultural Analysis in EFL Textbook as Measured by Personal Proper Name analyze the gender and culture bias by investigate the gender and cultural origin from the personal proper names. According to this journal, the researcher states that there are many study of EFL/ESL textbooks that shown bias on the genders and specifically non-western textbooks. But sadly the researcher not fully explains more about how and why it could have happened. 

Language and culture are always related each other, and when we want to acquire a language it does not mean that we only acquire linguistics competence, because language competence are constantly change and become more complex. And also, cultural aspects are become more important for second language pedagogy and the research nowadays, why? Because, when cultural aspects become misconception, it changes into stereotyping or shaping of the values and practices, or it called as gender bias.

Textbooks is the materials that is really important to relate theory and practice, so sometimes if the realities are different from what has been represented in textbooks, it means there is a bias in the textbooks. And when the value gender bias was absorbs by the student that use the textbooks, the student will have the misinterpretation toward their self and people around them. So, thats make the student difficult to change and improve their own self. 

In my future classroom, I will make teacher more aware with gender, and the perception toward their own self. When someone too believe at the society shaping, it will be difficult for them to improve their own life, so it is difficult for our country to make improvement specifically in education.


2 thoughts on “Journal Article 14

  1. Hai, Agustina… I’ve read your journal articles before. I believe that it will be very useful to improve the students’ awareness on gender equality in English language classroom. I suggest you to apply this project more effectively. As the future teacher, you are not only aware about the gender construction but also build the students’ awareness and characters of it. Therefore, it can develop the education field.


    1. Thanks for your comment, I hope you have a beutiful day. I will try my best for make everyone aware with gender equality. Thanks for stop at my blog, and also thanks for enjoy my writing. 🙂


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