Journal Article 13

Birjandi, P. (2012). Gender bias in the Iranian high school EFL textbooks. Department of English Literature, Research & Science Branch, 2(3), 211-222.

The journal entitled “Gender Bias in the Iranian High School EFL Textbooks is about the gender analysis of Iranian textbooks which focus on the analysis of five categories, visibility, firstness, generic masculinities, sex-linked occupation, and activities. 

Textbook is play important role as learning materials in teaching learning process, textbooks are  reflect the social, cultural, and religious ideologies. According to this research the researcher states that there is no room for female in the Iranian Textbooks. In Iranian textbook, women are represented as a weak personality, with stereotyping roles as the one who only take cares house chores and stay as mother. 

When the teacher not aware with the appropriateness of textbook that used by the learners the learners will follow the attitude that express rapidly or represented many times in textbooks and other media, because both of it can make or wash the student mind and perception relate with stereotypes and myth about sex.

It is important for the teacher to aware with the learning materials or textbooks that they use in teaching learning process, because textbooks are contained language and language is not value-free, lifeless or free political bias. So, It is better for the teacher to choose their own teaching materials carefully and then the teacher has to look at the content of the book whether the book attribute one or more specific roles and shows stereotyping of one of gender. 

So, in my classroom future I want to make my student, their family, another teacher more concern with this topic, I will make them aware and concern in this field. I want everybody know their own potential without think over their limitation or cultural perception.


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