Journal Article 12


Seyran, J. (2015). Gender representation in EFL textbooks: A case of ILI pre-intermediate series. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Language Research, 2(3), 211-222.

The journal entitled “Gender Representation in EFL Textbooks: A Case of ILI Pre-Intermediate Series is talked about the gender analysis in Iranian Language Institute by using contrastive analysis. The researcher analyzes the adjective and pictures that used in three volumes of English textbooks of ILI (Iranian Language Institute), and the researcher also focuses on the relations of social roles considering social gender. 

Many research said that a lot of result shows that the majority of textbook are indicated the gender imbalance. Textbook is one of materials that can be the first step of the learners to have the wrong perception toward them self and others. Schools play the private role to cause gender imbalance and we know that educational system still shaped and affected with prejudices, value and tradition of the society. 

Textbook is one of the main sources in teaching learning process. Generally English textbook contained cultural, value, and the social role of the target language (English). But in the reality, sometimes textbook also provide the example of discrimination to the both gender. Textbook which known as main sources that should provide ideology of society shows the social or society shaping perception toward females and males.

It is important for the teacher, the material developer, and textbook writers to aware with gender perspective and also aware with all of aspect of gender imbalance. The illustration in  all of subject of textbook should represent gender imbalance and fair representation. 

In my future classroom, I will be the one who writes the textbook for my student, so my student will not only learn about the knowledge but they also have to aware with the cultural, norm, and value. I will make them aware with cultural value, but they also have to aware that not all of cultural values are good; some of values make them stuck. We have to always bring the traditional value which give positive perspective but if the value makes the student has negative impact, I will clarify it. So that my student will not only relate their own self with the cultural perspective, but also they will relate their self with their awareness toward their own right.


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