Ideal Teacher: Does the teacher really teach their students? 

Teacher has important role in developing the student personality and cognitive aspect beside family, environment, and personal factors. There are many types of teacher based on my opinion, all of them ever come into my school life, I give the type-name based on my perspective, such as discipline teacher (he always late but never allow the student late, and always give big burden like non-sense homework, example we have to write an paper with Latin word and no type-x), dictator teacher (she not allows the student to answer what she say, she only like the quiet condition in the class), care teacher, absurd teacher (do not like to teach, never come to the class, maybe only give a task), good teacher, motivational teacher, pushover teacher, moody teacher and etc. Actually whoever they are whatever they behave, they are the one that make us like this. Sometimes each personality of the teacher teaches us how to behave with other people outside the world, which has different personality, mind perspective, behavior, and etc.  

Actually here I will not talk more about the type of teachers like what I write in the previous paragraphs, in this essay I will deliver my opinion dealing with “what is the real ideal teacher”. Maybe some people still wondering about “Does the teacher really teach their children?” But before I talked about that, I will tell what the parent’s expectation toward the teacher is. Parents think that teacher will make the student has a good grade, make the student good behave, make them pass national examination, and etc. How could I say that? Because the majority of parents included my parents expected that to my teacher. And parents will angry when their children cannot achieve their expectation. Then the teacher blames the parents about the incapability to handle their children. Teacher thinks that the student attitude and the problem is the fault of parents. They think that negative side student is double danger of parent’s negative side. 

Actually in my opinion, the real and biggest problem are not faced by the student but faced by their teacher and parents. Teacher and parents are only aware with the value and the symptoms of children rather than the root of the problem. They are only aware with something that has gone wrong and not sure with the real problem of the student. The example is some of the teacher are taken from granted that the male student needed more awareness rather than female, because they think that man has a learning problem than the female student. Actually, they cannot conclude like that, the learning problem not always faced by the male student but also woman do. They also have to searching for the reason of learning problem, not only stopped at the symptoms of the student and find a solution to solve the symptoms.

Education is the biggest point to change human life into the better ones. The ideal teacher is someone that teaches us not only about knowledge and attitude, but they also teach us about norm, moral, and the real world condition. By education we decided to love the world and preparing our self to face all of the responsibility that we should face latter. The duty of teacher and parents in this situation are  when their children out from their comfortable world, they have to stay love their children and make them not far from parents and teacher world, and do not leave them with their own devices.

But when the education has apolitical importance, others difficulties of the teacher are faced again. School has to make new syllabus and curriculum, because so far education are dominated by the policy and should be suited towards the policy. So that education is irrelevant for student because the barrier of education which influence by political importance is the knowledge. When education are influenced by political importance, every time when there are different authorization, school has to change everything that relate with all of fundamental aspects of school the school; such as the curriculum and syllabus. If all of the fundamental things of school are always change, the biggest impact are came into the student, they will not get optimal knowledge, there will be crisis toward what should they learn. So the important role of ideal teacher in here is making an adaptation toward the policy. The next generation who will solve and lead Indonesian problem is the student not political importance. Make an education which makes the student aware with cultural aspect, linked with people life, and make them experiencing in the classroom. 

In this 21st century era, the young generation nowadays is called as Z generations. Z generations are the era when the young generations are fully contact with technology. So, perception of the ideal teacher also has change, ideal teacher is someone who has pedagogy and motivational technology when teach student. We know that teacher does not have a magical capability; they cannot use their magical problem to solving difficulties and the problem of the student easily. Sometimes we think that the teacher only focus on the student that faced difficulties rather than the student that in the fine condition. This situation is usual things for teacher although sometimes the children feel jealous of it, and this is the normal situation, because that’s the limitation of the teacher. And nowadays the job of teacher is not only about teaching, they have a job as facilitator or helper, so that’s why the teacher only helps the student which has problem in teaching learning process. Nowadays is the era when the student learns by their own, they find their own materials; they solve their problem by their self, and if the student cannot solve the problem by themselves the teacher will help to solve their problem.

Is it needed for the teacher to teach student about religious and national value? Absolutely yes! Teacher need to teach both of the value. But without the adult or parents hard work the teacher efforts are wasted. Then, ideal teacher always reinforce all of the value into everyday life of student. But nowadays there are a lot of issues in education, such as bullying, truancy, and anti-social behavior. The task of ideal teacher is not only discipline them. Discipline does not managing the bad habits and attitude of student. Teachers have to make them gain the sense of independence and self-mastery so all of the issue can be solve. 

Ideal teachers have to motivate the student in educational setting and also have to teach about the practical knowledge, because it is the best and relevant way to make the student acquire knowledge by experiencing in everyday life. Make them learn through different side, make them experience their own life, and make them have a desire to improve their own life. All of that can make them have a high motivation so they will take the education more seriously. Ideal teacher also make the student engage their own enthusiasm, how? Student has to come into the field, make them has experience in that field, so their self-esteem will boost easily, and they will be felt comfortable in the class. Ideal teacher makes no burden towards student; make them understand that all of processes in teaching learning process are unity and something that should be done by them.

Students, that never learn through different life, they never have desire to improve their own self, they will feels traumatic, disoriented toward school (hate school), and suffer school phobia. So as the teacher the important role is not about make them acquire all of knowledge but make them understand the value of the knowledge and the implementation in real world knowledge. The goal of education not make them pass national exam, or make them smart, but make them as a real human; good characters and use their knowledge in the positive way. 

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