Journal Article 11

​Journal Article 11


Ullah, H., Ali, J., & Naz, A. (2014). Gender representation in childrens books: A critical review of empirical studies. World Applied Sciences Journal, 29(1), 134-141.

The journal entitled “Gender Representation in Childrens Books: A Critical Review of Empirical Studies” is about critical analysis towards textbook illustration in developed and developing countries, this research tries to find out which countries that still shown the gender discrimination towards one of gender in the childrens textbook. According to this research, childrens textbook contains the message about what is right and wrong, the beautiful and hideous value, what is play attainable and what is out of reach and play in the central role. (Mc.Cabe: 2014). So, childrens textbook is the main materials that can make and change the way of children watch themselves and another people. Actually, the cause of how children look at the male and female shaped is not only because of children textbooks but also parents, television and peers factors. 

In the conclusion, from the some aspects that being focused in this research, the exploration underlying meaning, relationship, metaphor, and pattern, shows that the countries that shows dominant gender discrimination is developing countries. The misappropriate of gender representation in textbook caused the children identify their characters, they will thinks that the appropriate attitude is shown in the textbooks, and their own thinking makes them thinks that their perspective is the appropriate role in society. 

In my future classroom I will more concern on the awareness of the same equity of the student, they have same right to be treated as their own selves not because they are female or male. 

I will change their perspective about what they can do, woman can do what man usually do, and vice versa, example: female and male can get high education and being treated appropriately so the DO number and the wrong perapective toward genderwill be decrease significantly.

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