Journal Article 10


Bahman, M., & Rahimi, A. (2010). Gender representation in EFL materials: an analysis of English textbook of Iranian high schools. Procedia Social and Behavioral Science, 9, 273-277.

This journal entitled “Gender Representation in EFL Materials: an Analysis of English Textbook of Iranian High Schools ” is about English textbook analysis to find out the gender discrimination which represented in the 3 volumes of English book that taught in senior high school in Iran. To analyze the data, the researcher use mixed research (chi-square test). The areas which investigate by the researcher are reading passage to investigate the gender equalities, male generic and also animal. So far the research finding shows the women are highly discriminated, but another point that I got from this research is the victim of gender discrimination also happened to the man. This can be shown on the majority of animal representation are using men pronounces.

Actually the reason why gender discrimination ideas come out in society, the main reason or factors of gender discrimination is through language, because of language the gender discrimination ideas are shaped. In this journal the researcher focused on many points to find out gender discrimination, such as: male-biased terms; male-generics; titles; firstness; and male as the main characters.
I hope in my classroom future, I will be able to be teachers that do equal treatment toward the children, but so far I also know that the teacher job is difficult same as other public services. Teachers have dualism work, they work as the teacher but they have many house chores in the school. The goal of English language teachers are also ambiguous, actually they want to make the student able to speak English, or they want to make the student pass National exam in order to get high score.

“I really want to make this topic as my thesis but this topic is really challenging.”😱😢


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