Journal Article 9

​Journal Article 9 



Samadikhah, M., & Shahrokhi, M. (2015). A critical discourse analysis of ELT materials in gender representation: A comparison of summit and top notch. Canadian Center of Science and Education, 8(1), 121-133.

This journal entitled “A Critical Discourse Analysis of ELT Materials in Gender Representation: A Comparison of Summit and Top Notch” is about gender analysis by using critical discourse analysis (CDA) which the textbooks are published by Summit and Top Notch, those textbooks are used as ELT materials in Iran school. According to this journal the researchers are focused on the conversation specifically on the pictorial or illustration that represents in the conversation of the textbooks. There are 5 scenes that has to be focused in this article journal; the aspects of male and female characters; aspects of female and male characters; female and male pictorial representation; female and male tittles; activities and the firstness of male and female characters in the mixed dialogue.

Toms (2004) states in this article that textbook is the most suitable tools and materials for teaching learning process, by using textbook the student are able to achieve the goal of teaching learning process. For the teacher, textbook is material that contains the basic knowledge of the subject and the skill that will be taught in the school. For the learners, textbook is source to be able to contact with the other language besides the input from the teachers. 

The evaluation toward the textbook in teaching learning process is needed, because textbook contain the step and direction about how to learn and teach language. Good materials can be indicated by the good technique, approach and method that able to be implemented in teaching learning process and not contained discrimination toward anything.

Textbook is the first media to transmit knowledge, so the representation of gender in ELT materials influences the psychological characters of student either in positive or negative way.  The gender representation that shows gender discrimination can make the student have a wrong perspective related to their self, toward male and female characters, and also make the student confused to differentiate between sex, gender, and the society shaping. 

In the conclusion the researcher state that from the both book are still gender imbalance, the textbook still do not have neutral perspective, the characters of male and female are distributed not equally, so there is still gender bias in the EFL materials in Iranian school.

I hope in my future classroom and in the future era the people will be more aware toward gender discrimination, they will be more aware with the materials that used by the student and their children. Parents and teachers more aware and understand the biggest impact of gender imbalance, because started from wrong perception toward gender can caused the gender discrimination, and gender discrimination can caused many negative impact such as that happened in India specifically in suburban region, many woman that not get an education, they only do the house chores, and take care of children. Its right that the woman also has a role takes care of the children and build up the characters of the children, but the role of father is also important, the job of father is not only work but he also has a job to build the characters of his children. 

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