Journal Article 8

Citation: Darmayanti, I. L. (2014). Gender construction in visual images in textbook for primary school students. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 3(2), 100-116.

This journal entitled “Gender construction in visual images in textbook for primary school students ” is about textual analysis of English language textbook used in Indonesia primary school. The writers analyze the textbook from the illustration followed by the linguistics perspective and use visual grammar analysis who developed by Kress and Van Leeuwen. This content analysis research has goal to know the gender construction in Indonesian textbook and how the illustration represents the gender equalities. The Visual Grammar is kind of rules that used to analyze the text, by using visual grammar research method. The writers can know the representation of the male and female characters, their roles, and the process collocated with the male and female characters.  

In this journal, the writers also talked about the gender issues in Indonesia and the gender perspective of some people that still have traditional perspectives such as someone who think that woman has to do the three ur; sumur; dapur, and kasur (washing up, kitchen and bed). So, the writers want to analyses more about the gender construction and gender stereotypes in the children books and EFL textbook in Indonesia. When the Western country had been produced textbook that responsiveness to the gender equalities, until now our country Indonesia has stereotype patterns between males and female specifically in student textbook.  

This research also find out that there are still gender imbalance in the textbook for primarily school students, In the majority of illustration shows that both of female and male are almost equally cast, but the action are only the male, and the majority of goal are female. I mean that the male tended to be individually and the female need partner, and then from the illustration the female also act as the fans or admiring the male rather than be someone that outstanding. 

I hope that in my future classroom I able to use instructional media such as note to bring up the motivation of student and also used appropriate textbook that shows the equal gender representation. So there will not be an assumption that both female and male are in the condition of gender bias. The student perspective about their self and other people are really important to build self believe about what they will be and to build up their perspective about other people. I want to make the student understand that we are same; we are representing our self not our sex. Sex is taken from granted but gender perspective thats our right. 


4 thoughts on “Journal Article 8

  1. Hi Tyara!
    I’m impressed of your writing, because I can say that it is well-organized. You can explain and elaborate about the variable there. You writing is complete. I’ve got new perspective from reading your writing. I also agree that there is still gender bias in our English textbook. Well done tyara!

    The thing that lack of your writing is I found some grammatical mistakes but since I still can catch your words, I think it is not a big matter.

    you may also visit my blog and share your thoughts there in

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  2. Hello Tyara, I’m Nur Azizah. I really interested on your topic about Gender construction in textbook. As the future teacher, we realize that educational character building is very important. So that, I hope that you can continue your project to create the new and fresh textbook containing the gender constructions. I believe if it will be very useful to fulfill the teacher and student needs.

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  3. hello Tyara, I’m Azizah. I think your topic is very interesting. As a future teacher we realize that the educational character building is important as the students’ need. We can motivate the students and use the appropriate textbook to achieve that purpose. I hope you can develop your project to create the new and fresh textbook including the gender equality, so that it will be more useful for the students’ and teachers’ need.

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