Journal Article 7


Kim, H. (2012). Social and cultural issues in some EFL textbook in Korea. Hawaii Pacific University TESOL, 10, 30-39.

This journal entitled “Social and cultural issues in some EFL textbook in Korea” is talked about the perspective of English language in Korean. Korea is one of country which do not ever under colonialisation era of England,  USA,  or another country that use English as their language, so not like philippines and india,  the majority of the citizen are not really good in English. 

According to the this journal majority of the teacher are using cultural component in order to teach foreign language.  They think it can helps the student to understand the internasionalism,  deeper understanding of their culture and motivate them to visit the foreign country.  But,  why we have to more cares with the foreign country rather than the culture of our country. By caring or studying the foreign cultural the student will be unapreciated or unhappy with their own culture. Students are really easy to absorb value, knowledge, and if the different culture of the book are absorb to the studenta mind without processing there will be some misundertanding in their mind.  Though sometimes there are some negative impact , the student will get some positive impact such as has a strong cultural orientation, and  the information can strengthen their orientation related with their own culture. 

So, it’s better for the teachers to avoid gender and cultural bias by do some suggestion of Triyoda, to make a appropiate textbook in teaching learning process the illustration of the book has the contain of ethicity of the world, the name of the person has to reflect the difersity culture and tolerancy, and  gender equality in illustration. Texbook is primarily material that used in teaching EFL and ESL country,  so its better for the author to make the appropiate texbook that consider the aspect of gender bias,  nationality, ethnicity,  social class,  minority status, and etc. 


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