Journal Article 6

Citation: Otlowsky, B. Marcus. (2003). Ethnic diversity and gender bias in EFL textbook. 1-8.

This article journal entitled “Ethnic Diversity and Gender Bias in EFL Textbook ” is about the importance of selecting appropiate textbook for EFL learners in Japan which potrayal of gender, the representation of the various ethnic group of targeted language and also the sociolinguistics aspects of langage.  

The most important things in the teaching learning process in EFL classroom are the teachers and the textbook which the main function is for cultural links between student native culture and target foreign culture.  Then another important things is choosing the appropiate textbook for EFL learners,  because textbook potrays the various people in target kanguage and the communication that affect EFL learners make them understand the rule of language when they speak to the native. Textbook is made as the main guide for student when learn and as the tools which use in inside or outside the class. The appropiate textbook is book which contain appropiate situation and context of culture, if the textbook use not appropiate standard it caused the pragmatic failure in society. 

This article hopes that in the future, textbook will be not  presented language in the stereotyped potrayal of woman and use suitable usage on the sociolinguistics usage of certain expression.

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