Journal Article 5

Citation: Jackie F.K Lee & Petter Collins. (2010). Construction of gender: A comparison of Australian and Hong Kong English language textbook. 19 (2), 121-137.

This article journal entitled ” Construction of Gender: a Comparison of Australian and Hong Kong English Language Textbook” is look carefully towards the gender issues in the English textbook from the two countries, Australian and Hong Kong countries. 

Maybe not all of people understand and care with gender bias, but actually gender understanding is very important, why? Because still many people who confused when differentiate the means of gender and sex and sometimes they still think if those two words are have same meaning.

Gender bias or imbalance in textbook is really interesting topic to talk about, because textbook is education material that full of moral value and attitude that work as the example for student behavior. Textbook is one of education material which used to acquire knowledge, the interesting topic, and attracted illustration also making the student easier to absorb and assimilate the knowledge and value of the textbook in the detail. What they know, what they reads, what they understand can influence their ideas related with that topic, so textbook are really influence the learner’s potential. So, it’s better to evaluate the textbook before it used to teaching learning process.

So, this article journal has purposed to know the differentiation of gender bias in two countries, because textbook not only reflect linguistics and social realities but also the cultural practices. So, the writers hope that the writer of textbook more care with the contain of the book deal with the gender equity, because using textbook helping the student shape the gender values, attitudes, and balance assumption toward the gender.


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