Journal Article 4

Citation: Abdel Rahman, M. (2016). Classroom management the effectiveness of teacher’s roles. Educational and Linguistics Research, 2 (1). 69-84.

This article journal entitled ” Classroom Management: The Effectiveness of Teacher’s Roles ” has purposes to investigate the effectiveness of English teachers roles in the classroom management. All of the teacher roles in classroom management such as the teacher classroom language, their responsibility, the criticism related their role and the evaluation of teacher performance in classroom. If the teachers able to make a great activation of their roles in classroom, their classroom management will be increasing significantly and also make the student’s enrich the new knowledge significantly.

The statements of the problem in this journal are about the student’s lack of English knowledge because of their previous school background. The high assumptions of the teacher about the student level but the realization the student are far from the expectation. Then the impact if the classroom management not working properly is made a big problem for teacher and student, so they will be blames each other for the faults that they made, the highly expectation and generalization all of student caused this situation. Teachers blaming the students because they not really care with English subject, the student blaming the teachers because make a difficult exam, and administrators blaming student do not do proper activity in class. 

In this study the writer concludes that to make the goal of learning activities are achieved, the teachers have to have professional activation. Professional activation deals with teacher’s proper language use, teacher’s responsibility, and teacher’s criticism an evaluation of their performance. Then another factors to make a good classroom management is the teachers have to care with the variation tone during the classroom, this things is important to concern to make the student concern in teaching learning process.  Then teacher also have to prepare fundamental component in teaching learning process such as technique, method, approach, syllabus, teaching strategies, and etc to make the effective role of teacher and effective classroom.


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