Article Journal 3

​Citation: Nicholson, S. J. (2014). An impetus for change: Classroom analysis using sinclair and coulthard’s model of spoken discourse. International Journal of Linguistics. , 6 (2), 199-210.

This article journal entitled “An Impetus for Change:  Classroom Analysis Using Sinclair and Coulthard’s Model of Spoken Discourse” analyze the activities in classroom when using sinclair and  coutlhard’s model. The main purpose of this journal is to analyze the type or activities in class room which make the communication purposes can be achieved by the student effectively. Because the main purpose of spoken discourse for EFL is to make the student able speak or communicate in the second language inside and outside the classroom.

Sinclair and coulthald model is kind of model which based on the rank scale drawn from Haliday’s rank scale on the description of grammar.  This model shows the interaction between the linguistics features takes place in class room and functional look at discourse.  This model focused on the teacher centered rather than other modern classroom model. 

 In this journal, author clearly represents the step, the instrument, and also the method to get the data.  So, the reader will not wondering or confused with this topic.

Actually this model have some weakness or some difficulties such as difficult to count the move or act,  ambiguity in rearrange the rule or role data and the real data,  and etc. This model also have positive impact, if the teacher think that this model can be used in their classroom,  and gives positive impact for the students communication ability, that’s better for the teacher use that method.  


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