Journal Article 2

Citation: Hodgman, M.R. (2015). Student praise in the modern classroom: The use of praise notes as a productive motivational tool. Journal of Education and Training, 2(1), 41-47.

The Journal entitled “Student Praise in The Modern Classroom: The Use of Praise Notes as a Productive Motivational Tool is useful for improving education qualities and also for improvement of the teachers teaching qualities related to motivate and improve the student performance in teaching learning process. 

According to the journal, student motivation is an important topic in all levels of education, if the student has high motivation the goal of teaching learning program will be achieved by student easily. Actually there are many researchers’ tries to find suitable approaches to motivate the student in classroom. So, in this study the researcher  are discuss further about the use of praise by instructors in the classroom in the context of student motivation and also the use of praise notes to productively induce student performance and engagement.

In this study, the important things are to train the teacher about the use of praise notes and make the parents also understand about this system. Second, the teacher has to know the treatment that suitable for the student by using observation before choose the appropriate strategy. Third, in order to praise note successful, the monitor learning is needed to know the improvement of the student. And the last, the teachers should reporting the result of the students to colleagues, administrators, and the parents. Then the feedback from them will help the teacher evaluate the effectiveness of using note praise.

According to the study, praise notes are an effective tool to motivate the learners. By using praise notes the motivation of the learners will increase significantly, improve their student performance, and create positive classroom atmosphere in the class. It’s better for the teacher to use process praise rather than person praise, because if the teacher cannot choose suitable praise it can harmful the student potential. Then before using this strategy, is better for the teacher to know the opportunities, the benefits and the limitation of this strategy. If the students do not have positive impact after use this strategy, it’s better for the teacher use another beneficial strategy.


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