Journal Article Critique 1

Citation: Lin, L.C & Lin, Y.J. (2014). The Eastern Asian research on gender bias in secondary school textbook. International Journal of English Language Education, 2 (2), 197-208.

Gender bias is an interesting topic to talk about, and not many people aware with this kind of topic, and sadly the victims of the gender bias are not only girls but also boys. 

Teacher use text book in teaching learning process and each level have their own different textbook. Textbook cannot be separated to the teaching learning process of student in the school an in their home, because the purpose of textbook is not only can be used in classroom but also can be used outside of class.  Teacher hopes by using text book, student develops their gender roles, knowledge, attitude, cultural perspective, and etc. But sometimes all of book has an aim of gender equality. So the researcher of this journal want to make the cultural context into consideration, the EFL studies on gender bias in textbooks (GBIT) of secondary school in the regions of eastern Asia. The main purpose of this journal is to make education for all movement, the gender equity for everyone. Specifically for girls in primary and secondary education, the girls must educate as equally as boys. Even though the topic of gender equity in secondary education had general upward toward globally, but about two-thirds country still remained gender bias. So, its needed many efforts to achieve the goal of educational gender equally.

The research studies were related with the secondary school textbook series. The pictures (illustration) and the texts of the text books was analyzed by the author to find the gender bias in the aspect of visibility, stereotyping, domestic role, activities,  suffix, fastness, the uses of “Ms.” and “Mrs.” and language. The research data take from the research study in 4 countries. 

According from the journal actually we can implemented gender equality by using appropriate textbook, how to make it come true? We can evaluate textbook and making adjustment of our textbook although we need more time to make a textbook which use appropriate material and contain.


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